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HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition -2008 At a Glance


VB (specially for VB6) & any ActiveX platforms

Welcome to HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008. HelpVistaXPDiamond 2008 is a powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and customizes to give you the ability to quickly create professional applications that have the latest visual styles and advanced features that are seen in such products as Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista regardless of their operating system. It consists of a total of 25 controls which each brings a revolutionary fresh new look and rich features to your applications

Professional developers can use the HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008 control's many properties, methods and events to create sophisticated and user-friendly database or non-database front-end applications. Don't take our word for it, read what others are saying about our products and support...

These and many other unique and "developer-friendly" features make the HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008 the absolute essential tool for user interface development and has been prepared for cutting your development time drastically. By that reasons, I invite you to download the fully functional free trial version of the activex control and start integrating HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008 controls into one of your existing programs right away. Download it now!

Create rich, professional User Interfaces. HelpVistaXPDiamond combines 25 (Twenty five) of our most following popular components., all for one incredibly price.

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FarPoint.Spread v4.00 for .NET/ASP.NET/COM/BizTalk/Sharepoint

On the surface, many grids or spreadsheets may look the same. However, like most things, it's the attention to details that separate the average from the best.

We have focused on those details and have been building industrial strength spreadsheets for over 15 years - longer than any other component vendor - and we've learned from professional developers like you what features you need

With the ability to import and export native Microsoft Excel .xls workbooks, multiple sheets and cross-sheet formula referencing, hierarchical display, grouping and the new outline grouping like Excel, conditional formatting, sorting, row filtering, searching, zooming, undo/redo, data binding or unbound modes, pdf export, and splitter bars, you can create a solution for any application. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Complete customization at the cell level is possible with the 18 cell types (including the ability to create your own custom cell types), cell spans, multiple headers, shapes, 320 built-in calculation functions, cell tips and notes, and much more

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With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent reports. In other words, FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool. See yourself:

* you can connect to any database, use any table from it or create a query;
* you can add dialogue form(s) to your report to ask some parameters before running a report;
* using built-in script, you can manage interaction between dialogue form’s controls, perform complex data handling;
* finally, you can view the result, print it and export to many common document formats.


* FastReport.Net is written in C# and contains only managed code. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. .NET Framework 1.x is not supported.
* Full source code is available. You can customize your copy of FastReport.Net to match your needs.
* Reasonable price and licensing policy. For just a $349* you get a full-featured reporting solution with runtime royalty-free report engine and designer!
* Extendable FastReport.Net architecture allows you to create your own objects, export filters, wizards, DB engines. If existing abilities are not enough for you - extend it!
* Very compact and really Fast!

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Rebex FTP for .NET 3.0.3428.0

Add FTP client functionality to your .NET applications. Rebex FTP for .NET is a file-transfer component for .NET languages (such as C# or VB.NET). It allows you to FTP files directly from your application - either synchronously or asynchronously, in active or passive mode, binary or ascii. All popular FTP and proxy servers are supported. You can upload from memory, resume aborted transfers and more.


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fastreport'u kurdum, dll leri program files da üzerine yazdım ancak çalışmadı. Yanlış birşeyler yapmış olabilir miyim???
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Merak ettim nasıl yapıyorsun bu işi, zor mudur?? Ayrıca fast report'un yeni sürümü çıktı, istek yapabiliyorsak ("ayrica crack istekde bulunabilirsiniz....") çok sevinirim.


Yardımların için çok çok teşekkürler...
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SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control

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SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control provides the following vital system information in real-time:
-Address translation (ARP) table information.
-ICMP protocol information and statistics.
-Networking interfaces table information and statistics.
-IP address table information.
-IP protocol information and statistics.
-IP routing table information.
-TCP connect table information.
-TCP protocol information and statistics.
-UDP connect table information.
-UDP protocol information and statistics.

It can be used from any 32-bit Windows development environment, including
Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Delphi.

SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control is capable of processing multiple system information requests simultaneously.

SkSystemInfo ActiveX Control comes with a full documentation, sample code, and working demo program.
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HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition -2008 At a Glance

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VaxVoip 3.0 (

baba süpersin valla hastanım senin ya banada öğret şunu :D

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VaxVoIP SIP SDK provides tools and components to quickly add SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls feature in your web pages and software applications.

It includes SIP activeX , SIP OCX , SIP DLL , SIP Lib and SIP Cab, so you can use the one you like the most.

It accelerates the development of SIP based soft phone with your own GUI (graphical user interface) and brand name.

It delivers superior voice quality by integrating advanced digital voice processing features including acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation and adaptive jitter buffering. For more details, please visit the features link.

It is really easy to incorporate VaxVoIP SIP controls in your web pages and/or applications. Sample source codes are available to download.

Supported Languages :
- Visual Basic .NET
- Visual C++ .NET
- Visual C# .NET
- Visual Basic
- Visual C++
- Borland Delphi
- Borland C++
- JavaScript/HTML

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chilkat activexleri burada;

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FastReport Studio can be used in the following developers’ environments:

* Microsoft Visual C++ 6;
* Microsoft Visual Basic 6;
* Microsoft Visual C++ .NET;
* Microsoft Visual Basic .NET;
* Microsoft C#.NET;
* Microsoft Visual FoxPro;
* Microsoft Access;
* Microsoft ASP.NET;
* Borland Delphi .NET;
* SyBase PowerBuilder

In addition, you can use FastReport Studio in any environment that supports COM technology.

FastReport Studio contains a powerful COM+ interface that allows you to control the entire report-creation process.

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