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ImageEn for .Net Version 3.1.1 (5 Apr 2010)-FUUJIN-

ImageEn for .Net Version 3.1.1 (5 Apr 2010)-FUUJIN-
IEvolution is a component suite for image processing, viewing and analysis. It can load and save from several image file formats, acquire from TWain scanners (single and multi pages), capture video, applies filters, select image regions (Magic Wand supported) and other.
IEvolution allow you to include professional graphics software features in your applications.

ImageEn works on .NET (Windows Forms) and must be compiled as Win32 target

password : fuujin
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Rebex.Mail POP3-IMAP for NET v1.0.3793

Whenever you need to send mail via SMTP, download it with POP3 or access a remote mailbox using IMAP from your .NET application, Rebex Mail for .NET will provide the required infrastructure. It allows you to retrieve, create, load, process, save and send e-mail messages in MIME format using a simple yet powerful interface, with no need to understand the complexities of MIME format. And for advanced users, there is a powerful low-level MIME library as well.
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resco mobile form toolkit & slideui crack

selam fuujin,

sitede yaptıklarını hayranlıkla izliyoruz,

resco mobile form toolkit 2009 ve/veya sonrası ve slideui için de bir şeyler yapabilir misin lütfen?

teşekkürler :)
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Victor Image Processing Library Retail (Include Full Source)

Victor Image Processing Library Retail (Include Full Source)version 6

The Victor Image Processing Library is an image toolkit for developers, a collection of functions that will allow you to create image applications. Victor gives your programs powerful image processing, color reduction, display, TWAIN scanning, printing, file handling, and converting capabilities.

Create desktop applications in Visual Basic, VB.NET, C/C++, C#, Java, or any other programming language and give them support for BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, and TIFF image file formats.

Create online Internet applications in ASP.NET and let users upload and process BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images in their browsers.

The Victor Library is in DLL form for use with C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, Java, and other dll-compatible programming languages. The Victor Library is also available in static linkable library form for use with MS VC/C++ for creating downloadable ActiveX controls and applications that don't rely on the presence of a dll.

The Victor Library is for creating 32-bit Windows applications. For Unix, Linux, Mac or other systems the complete C-language library source code is available.

The Victor Image Processing Library for 32-bit Windows is the smallest image toolkit available anywhere that loads and saves all the popular file formats -- including JPEG thumbnails, multipage TIFF, and multiframe GIF animations.

Meticulously crafted to be small and fast, the VIC32.DLL is only about 250 kb. The Victor Library price is only $499 with no royalties for distribution with your executable application. And Victor delivers more capability than products that are ten or more times larger and much more costly.

*$854.05 1 Developer License with Source Code ;)

Pass : atmac
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TallComponents.WebToPDF for NET v1.0.2.5

Is a 100% .NET component / class library that converts HTML to PDF. The converter fully supports HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 including page breaks, forms and links. No additional applications such as printer drivers or servers are required. All functionality is implemented in C# and deployed as a single .NET assembly/DLL that has no other dependencies than the .NET framework (1.1 and higher). So deployment is extremely simple

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Can someoane crack this...??

Raw Data Printer Component (ActiveX DLL)
Raw Data Printer is an intelligent ActiveX component (DLL) specifically designed for sending raw data to any type of printers, including label printers, ticket printers, RFID printers, barcode printers and cash registers. It enables you to print raw data and send native printer commands (escape codes) directly to the printer, bypassing any printer drivers. You do not even need to have a printer driver installed on the system that communicates with the printer!

ASP Printer COM Component (ActiveX DLL)
ASP Printer COM is a 32-bit ActiveX COM component (DLL) that enables you to print almost anything from within your ASP Pages (Active Server Pages) & ASP.NET pages running on a web server or LAN server, without any user intervention. It also enables you to print your data and files from within HTML documents (pages) viewed in a web browser on the client system, in full color, with images and graphics and with the exact page layout and formatting (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get).


Thank you.
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Karamasoft Asp.Net UI Components

UISuite - ASP.NET UI Components. All Ultimate components in one pack

- UltimateAjax: Update a portion of your page. Provide a better user experience. Minimize load on your server. Return callback result to client. Support .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0...
- UltimateCalendar: Calendar and date picker together. Quick pick a date without navigation. Schedule events with recurrence. Display multiple months at once. Select multiple days and weeks...
- UltimateEditor: WYSIWYG online HTML editor. Word®-like built-in spell checker. Convert content from HTML to PDF. Upload to server or database. Multi-language support...

- UltimateEmail: Validate email addresses. Mail merge for email marketing. Send newsletters to your clients. Load email from any data source. Windows Forms support...

- UltimateMenu: Fully integrated into VS. Built-in frames support. Permission based rendering. Right-click context menu. Search Engine Optimization...

- UltimatePanel: Display accordion style boxes. Drag boxes and rotate content. Scroll vertically and horizontally. Save/restore panel state on client. Show/hide panel to save space...

- UltimateSearch: Search engine with UI controls. Search unlimited number of pages. Search local and remote sites. Search static and dynamic pages. Search PDF, DOC, PPT docs...

- UltimateSitemap: Auto generate a sitemap of your site. Add breadcrumbs to all pages. Display sitemap as a table or treeview. Customize layout and content. Built-in visual designer...

Trial download page:

Please crack packages for Asp.Net 3.5 and 4.0

Thank you so much !
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OMG guys , u made a request, write down all limitations!!!

what are u thinking we are, slave ??
I'am sorry :p, Sir Whoknows ! Below is more informations about my request:

From Karamasoft site:
Free trials are fully functional, and there is no expiration date for the trial period.
However, they will randomly display a reminder message to purchase the full version

You are not slaves. You are the legends we love !
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Hydra Code is obfuscated.

Hello Again....

I Started using .NET Reversing Tools with Hydra Assemblies, and Find out in some point of the Assemblies are Obfuscated.

I am Trying SMARTKILL and SMARTASSASIN, is there anyway or Tutorial of DeObfuscating Assemblies ?

I am Stuck on this.

Best Regards
CoolLiam (L)